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5 Reasons to Buy a Dog from a Breeder

 A Goldendoodle puppy.

There is a good possibility that if you've ever owned a dog, you've considered a dog breeder as an option. Age and budget are just some of the many considerations you should make before settling on a pet store or rescue. Make sure you research all of your options before you decide to bring home a new furry buddy.

As a doodle breeder in CA for the last couple of years, we've come across a few puppy owners who’ve had difficulty deciding between adopting a dog from a shelter and getting one from a reputable breeder.

Here are some reasons you should choose a breeder if you're conflicted.

1.Expert Guidance

Breeders can provide valuable advice about what to anticipate and help you determine whether a particular breed is a suitable fit for your lifestyle. The goal of a good breeder isn't to make a sale. They will never push you to buy a puppy if you don't think the breed is right for you.

2.Complete Information About the Puppy

Good breeders will tell you about the pup's previous lives, whether it was born with any health issues or has a dominating nature. They can also tell you about its upbringing. Your puppy will be raised under your supervision as soon as you bring it home from the breeder's facility.

3.You’ll Know the Puppy’s Parents

The greatest advantage of purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder is knowing what to expect from your pet. You can learn many things about a dog's temperament simply by knowing its parents.

For example, Goldendoodle puppies are recognized as cheerful, kid-friendly, and joyful, but as breeders, we have discovered that pups adapt some quirks from their parents.

Smiling woman with a dog

4.You will Know about Possible Health Conditions

Dogs, like humans, are prone to a variety of health issues. As a breeder, you'll be contacted if your dog's parents exhibit any signs of health issues so that you can make an informed decision. Dogs with health issues should receive immediate treatment, which can reduce the severity of their symptoms.

5.Your Puppies will Always Have a Home

It is the breeder’s responsibility to see to it that the puppies they produce have a happy and healthy life. Animal shelters and the streets are the last places where they want their puppies to wind up. Reputable breeders are nearly always willing to accept a puppy back at any stage in the dog's life and for any reason.

At Power Mountain Puppies, we take back our puppies free of charge if you decide not to keep them. From English Cream Golden Retrievers to Mini Bernedoodle puppies to Goldendoodle puppies, we have the most adorable little doggos for you to choose from and welcome into your family.

Reach out to us to get a lifelong companion for yourself.

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