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5 Signs Your Puppy is Stressed

man trying to calm angry dog

Oh, when your baby is wailing, and the dog is whining or growling and refuses to eat – don’t you wish they came with a manual! 


At this point, don’t you wish they could speak? Or, for the very least, somehow communicate with you so you could understand your pup! 


Well, here’s the great thing. You can! 


Dogs and puppies communicate with their owners, but just in a different way. 

When you take on the responsibility to be a dog parent, you take on the responsibility to not only take care of them but to develop a relationship with your dog. And the first step of any relationship is communication. 


And that includes recognizing what causes anxiety for your pup. 


Notice how when you come home after a long hard day, your pup senses your sadness and comes and sits next to you. 


In the same way, it can sense your stress, you can learn to read its stress signs too and then help it cope. Take note of any unusual behaviors they may exhibit.

Stress in dogs can be broken down into three types: fear, phobias, and anxiety.  Identifying and then lessening its stress can help make your dog feel safe and comfortable in that environment. 


Signs of anxiety or stress in your pup can be subtle, which means you’ll have to be vigilant and learn to identify what may be causing their stress, or they can be very obvious. 

Your Dog Is Panting, Pacing, Or Shaking 

It is normal for dogs to pant. Dogs also shake after a bath or roll in the grass. But if that happens when it is dry, it could signify that your puppy is stressed. Some puppies also pace around the room or the hallway. Just like people, they do this when they are nervous or agitated. Some dogs walk a repeated path around the exam room while waiting for the veterinarian to come in.

Dog growling at something

Your Puppy Is Whining Or Barkin

If your pup is afraid or tense, it may whine or bark to get your attention.

Your Puppy Is Yawning, Drooling, And Licking

If your pup is yawning, it is probably just tired or bored. However, a prolonged and intense yawn could be a sign of stress. Nervous pups also drool and lick excessively. 


Your Puppy Has Started Urinating A Lot

If your pup has sudden urges to go to the bathroom, it may be stressed. However, dogs also urinate shortly after meeting another dog or pup. Don’t be worried about this, as your dog may just be learning how to mark its territory. 


Your Puppy Is Refusing To Eat

If you keep finding the food bowl just as you left it, your puppy may be stressed due to anxiety, a move, or the loss of a family member. It may also be a sign it’s time to see a vet and rule out any health problems.


Your puppy is just like a human child. If the parent dogs are friendly, confident, and playful like the ones we have at Powder Mountain Puppies, your puppies will be playful and happy, too, once the stress factor is removed.


Want to adopt a puppy?  Get in touch with us at Powder Mountain Puppies, and we will help you find the puppy that’s right for your personality.  You can get in touch with us to learn more about our Bernedoodle, Golden Retriever, and Golden Doodle breeds for sale.

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