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6 Things Only Bernedoodle Owners Understand

If you’ve fallen in love with a loving Bernese doggo or a high-spirited poodle, we’ve got a pup we’d like you to meet: the giant teddy bear-looking doodle doggo, known as the Bernedoodle. Although like many other doodles out there, Bernedoodle is another breed that hasn’t been officially recognized by the AKC yet, it has been officially recognized by the hearts of hundreds of dog lovers across the globe, especially those who love doodle doggos.

Whether you’re already a proud pawrent of a Bernedoodle or are thinking about getting one, here are a few things worth knowing about the adorable Bernedoodle doggos that aren’t only fabulous pets but also the next best fit for your family.

#1- They’re available in Many Sizes

Just like poodles, Bernedoodles come invarious sizes to suit any family. Many families refrain from getting Bernese mountain doggos as they’re usually over 75 lbs., the same isn’t true for Bernedoodles. Thanks to the varying stature of poodles, the Bernedoodle breed can range from an 8 lbs. sweet lap doggo all the way up to 85 lbs. full-sized adventure buddy.

#2- They’re Fluffy but Don’t Shed Much

Love dogsbut can’t stand the shedding? The poodle-influenced coats of Bernedoodles allow dog lovers to enjoy the best of both worlds. If you want a poofy doggo but dread the shed, this breed is an excellent in-between. In fact, the coats of Bernedoodles fall under the “hypoallergenic” umbrella. However, you should research ahead of time as getting a hypo-allergic pet doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be sneeze-free if you’re allergic.

#3- They Tend To Be Super Relaxed

Although most poodles are particularly energetic, the Bernese mountain dog’s influence makes Bernedoodles easygoing pets who will be happy to enjoy a chill day at home. Although every doggo needs plenty of exercise, pawrents of Bernedoodles don’t need to run rugged to satisfy their fur baby’s energy appetite.

#4- They’re Extremely Loyal

Bernedoodles are super loyal and loving, which is great for those looking to find a forever friend, but the Velcro-like bonding that stems from their Bernese mountain dog background makes them prone to separation anxiety. Early crate training can help make them feel safe and secure while you’re away for work, but it’s a good idea to keep a trusted pet sitter on speed dial for times when you’re away for longer periods.

#5 They Have Coats of Various Colors

With Bernedoodles, you can never really be sure about what the litter of pups would look like as they can be black, white, brown, and sometimes a mixture of the colors. Sometimes pawrents get Bernedoodles with all three colors in a pattern that resembles the Bernese mountain dogs. However, it’s rare. Getting a marbled grey, white, and black coat is also possible, but it’s even rarer. However, it’s the Bernedoodles’ personality that outshines their coats on any given day!

#6 They’re A Mixed Breed Which Means Fewer Health Problems

Most purebred doggos suffer from inherent health conditions. For example, the poodle breed is prone to epilepsy and blindness, whereas the Bernese mountain dogs often suffer from mast cell tumors. Although Bernedoodles can also have problems like elbow and hip dysplasia, they tend to generally benefit from their diverse genetic makeup, leading to fewer health woes.

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