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Caring For Your New English Cream Puppy: A Comprehensive Guide

English Cream Golden

Are you thinking of getting an English Cream puppy soon? If yes, you're in for a treat! Read on to learn everything you need to know about raising a healthy and happy English cream puppy, from finding a breeder and picking a puppy to bringing them home and training them properly to ensure they turn into well-mannered adult doggos; this guide will help you through it all.

#1 Favorite Treats

The extra meat that clings over the bones in a raw beef soup is something every English Cream pup loves! Make sure not to overcook the beef soup bones so that they don't shatter. You should also steer away from smaller bones to avoid the doggo choking on them if they're swallowed by mistake. Also, avoid rawhide bones as they don't digest well in the dog's intestinal tract and can prove to be hazardous for their health. Incorporate a nutritionally balanced dry puppy show in their diet to make up for the majority of the calories needed for your doggo to grow up in a healthy way.

#2 Chew Toys

Kong is one of the most favorite toys of all English Cream Retrievers! Bones are also good but chew toys that are virtually indestructible are incredible for keeping the doggo away from chewing on your favorite show. With lots of good toys and some regular exercise to stimulate the mental and physical health of your English Cream puppy, you can make sure they don't chew on anything inappropriate.

#3 Grooming

English Cream puppies shed, but you can control it by brushing their coats properly at least once a week. Maintaining a healthy diet is vital for ensuring optimum coat and skin health of English Cream puppies. While it's generally recommended to keep bath time and frequency limited for adult Goldens, young pups might need a frequent bath with a gentle shampoo if they get into something smelly. Otherwise, just rinse the pup well to ensure the natural oils in your English Cream's gorgeous coat aren't compromised or stripped.

#4 Exercise

English Cream puppies depend on their pawrents for a healthy daily exercise regimen that helps boost the pup's well-being. Typically, a moderate amount of physical activity for thirty minutes twice a day should be sufficient. But make sure that your pup gets proper aerobic exercise, involving flexing multiple muscles such as fetching on trails or grass, playing, running, and more. Proper exercise also plays a crucial role in their mental well-being. If you've trained them properly for safety and manners, you can also take your Goldens for hiking or swimming to bond with them over an activity you both can enjoy together.

English Cream Golden Puppies

#5 Routine

English Cream pups thrive on predictability. Routine is their safety net, as it provides them a sense of security. Try to stick to a regular sleeping, exercising, and feeding routine as much as possible. It will help reduce stress hormones, destructive behaviors, and long-term effects on overall health.

#6 Socialization

It's critical to expose them to a wide variety of diverse experiences, environments, and people in the first year to ensure they grow up to be confident, calm, and friendly doggos.

#7 Love

Everyone thrives on love! So do English Cream Pups. They love to interact with hoomans and spend some fun time together. English Cream puppers are people dogs, so make sure you don't keep them alone on a chain or outdoors in a kennel.

Litter of English Cream Golden pups

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