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Get Your Goldendoodle To Love The Crate With This A-To-Z Guide

Goldendoodle in a crate

Whether you like to keep your Goldendoodle safe in a crate while they rest in the house or while traveling, crate training is essential to help your pup settle in without being anxious or depressed. Although Goldendoodles are social, energetic pups that love to be around hoomans at all times, crates also help prevent separation anxiety in Goldendoodle by teaching them to be alone while you're away for work.

Bonus Tip: When you pick a crate for your Goldendoodle, choose one that has extra space for them to relieve themselves and another corner where they can lie down, stretch, and sleep. If you have a large crate, block off part of it to stop them from pacing around and getting hurt in the process. Also, make sure to add some comfortable bedding to the crate to make it feel like a cozy retreat and not a prison cell. Read on to find more information that can help you crate train your Goldendoodle puppy.

Teaching Your Goldendoodle to Be Alone in the Crate

Once you get the right crate, all you need to do is be patient because crate training Goldendoodles can take a while. Don't get too frustrated though; place the crate in a fairly busy spot in the house at first so that the pup doesn't feel abandoned. Slowly let your pup explore the crate so that they get used to it without feeling confined.

Once they're comfortable, lock the door. The Goldendoodle might bark or cry at this point. However, it's recommended to leave them in the crate for short periods before gradually increasing the time to prevent anxiety. Once your pup learns, there's no reason to be scared. Chances are they'll enjoy spending some time alone or taking naps in their crate.

Begin Feeding Your Goldendoodle near the Crate

Doggos love food. A lot! Take advantage of this and begin feeding them near the crate so that they start associating it with food. It helps reduce fear and anxiety about approaching the crate.


Don't Use the Crate to Punish Your Goldendoodle

Since the goal of crate training is to make your Goldendoodle think of it as a comfortable den, don't use it as a form of punishment, as it can make them start fearing the crate or getting anxious whenever they're near it. Instead, focus on making it a space where your pupper feels safe and cozy. If your Goldendoodle makes a mistake, resist the temptation to lock them away in their crate. They're puppies, after all; don't expect them to act perfectly all the time.

Find Your Furry Pal

Now that you're well equipped with the resources needed to crate train a Goldendoodle, enlist yourself on the wait-list of Powder Mountain Puppies to get yourself one! You can check out our upcoming and current litters on our Instagram to see which friendly Goldendoodle might be perfect for your family.

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Even after the pup joins your family, we will offer lifetime support and customized printouts to help you adapt to their potty training and feeding schedule for a smooth transition.

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