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How Do I Stop My Goldendoodle From Digging?

Digging is one of the most prevalent and natural behaviors which is shared across all dog breeds. The instinctive and pleasurable activity harkens back to the days when dogs used to travel in packs and store their food underground to keep it safe. Even today, many doggos dig and bury everything from their favorite toys to treats and bones. The more active and younger a pup is, the more likely they are to take up digging as their favorite hobby.

When it comes to mixed breeds dogs such as Goldendoodles, one thing we know for sure is that mixing two glorious breeds of dogs, such as the poodles and Golden Retrievers, will yield healthy and adorable pups that can become a breed on their own, given their easygoing personality and trainability. However, since neither poodles nor golden retrievers can help themselves when it comes to digging their offspring, the fabulous Goldendoodles are also known for certain temperament traits and share the same fondness for creating craters.

If you’re a pawrent of an adorable Goldendoodle, who loves to dig holes across your backyard, read on to find out ways to stop them from turning your yard into a minefield. But first, why do Goldendoodles, and doggos in general, like to dig?

Why Goldendoodles Dig

Goldendoodles are energetic pups who love to play. They demand plenty of attention and time to be happy. While most pup parents pamper their fur babies and digging is no longer necessary for their survival, there are several reasons why your doggo might still find pleasure in digging. By observing them closely, you can easily learn what motivates your mini Goldendoodle to cause such destruction in your yard. Here are some general reasons why doggos find digging delightful.

#1 Sheer Boredom

It’s entirely possible that your Goldendoodle pup digs digging because they have nothing better to do! Many bored doggos resort to destructive behaviors to entertain themselves.

#2 Lack of Exercise

Does your doggo get enough exercise? Goldendoodles are very energetic and often need daily workouts to release some of their boundless energy. Maybe your dog has been bulldozing your yard to expend its energy.

#3 Tracking Down Scents

Doggos can smell and hear things that humans can’t. Maybe your Goldendoodle is sensing the movement of voles, rats, gophers, moles, mice, and other enticing creatures underground and wants to dig your yard to excavate them.

#4 Beating the Heat

Sometimes, especially during warmer months, dogs dig holes to escape the heat until they can enjoy the all-natural and cool air conditioners designed exclusively by them. Impressive!

#5 Anxiety

If the Goldendoodle has been digging holes when left alone outside for longer periods, chances are it’s a sign of separation anxiety are they’re very people-oriented and can’t cope well when left alone.

Ways To Stop The Goldendoodle From Digging

Sadly, there’s no one-size-fits-all cure or magical remedy for instinctive behavior. It’s best to try a combination of various tips to figure out what works for your pupper. But here are some suggestions that might help.

Increase Their Exercise

Since Goldendoodles are energetic doggos, try to stop the destructive behavior by increasing their daily exercise gradually. A tired dog is more like to be calmer and less likely to engage in undesirable behaviors.

Provide Mental Stimulation

Sometimes doggos require mental stimulation along with physical activities. Add plenty of mentally stimulating activities to your Goldendoodles routine because they’re an intelligent breed of dogs and will surely benefit from strenuous mental activities.

Teach New Tricks

Try teaching your Goldendoodle some new tricks or get them a puzzle feeder, chew toys, and games to help them exercise their intellectual abilities while relieving boredom.


Always supervise your Goldendoodle instead of leaving them outside alone to entertain themselves. Stay out with the pup to play a vigorous game of Frisbee or fetch. When they stay engaged through playtime with their favorite hooman, it helps burn off any excess energy while satisfying their desire for attention and strengthening your bond with them.

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