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How to Avoid Bad Dog Breeders?

A Goldendoodle with its tongue out

The first and most critical step in choosing your new puppy is locating a reputable breeder you can rely on. You might think of a breeder as your own personal dog expert, from picking the proper dog to making sure it lives a long and healthy life.

You probably have researched a lot to decide on the puppy breed you want. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to find a dog breeder you can trust. Puppies quickly win our hearts, but it's crucial to understand what to expect from your dog breeder to avoid a bad one.

Bad Dog Breeders

If you are going to be a first-time dog owner or buying from a breeder for the first time, chances are you’re way out of your depth regarding various issues. Here are some signs to look out for to tell a bad dog breeder from a good one.

1.Lack of knowledge

Breeders who aren't familiar with a breed's history or how well it fits into various types of households aren't likely to be worried about producing puppies who are great ambassadors of the breed.

2.Denial of genetics

It's not uncommon for dogs to have health issues, such as hip dysplasia, which may be extremely painful and expensive to treat. Breeding stock will very definitely not be screened for congenital problems if the person isn't aware of them.

A Bernedoodle puppy

3.Not letting you observe the litters.

If a breeder has healthy, well-behaved adult dogs and a clean, well-run facility, they've done their job. If someone only wants you to view the dog they're attempting to sell, you should question their motives.

4.Not treating their puppies with care.

A decent pet requires a lot of care and attention from the person who gets to spend time with the puppy. Puppies younger than seven weeks old are usually a sign that the breeder doesn't know enough about rearing puppies to be a responsible breeder.

If you manage to look out for these things, you will be on the right path to avoid bad dog breeders and find a good one.

Good Dog Breeders

A good breeder is someone you can trust because of their integrity and compassion for the animals. They consult with veterinarians, take good care of their litters, and ensure that the dogs and puppies they have are healthy and clean. You should be able to tell the difference between a puppy mill and a backyard breeder, as well as a professional breeder and a casual breeder.

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