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How to Choose the Right Breed for Your Personality

Scientists announced in a comprehensive study that the distinct personality traits of dogs are actually rooted in their genes. For this reason, dogs can be chosen based on characteristics such as family dynamics, lifestyle, and, most importantly, whether the dog's personality matches that of the owner or not. For example, an athlete may demand their doggo to be more active than an average work-from-home dog parent would.

English cream golden retrievers

Discover the personality traits of the three kinds of dogs being bred at Powder Mountain Puppies:

1. The Bernedoodle Dog

A Bernedoodle is a family dog, also known as a gentle giant, that's great with children and fits perfectly into the owner's lap. They are playful and affectionate, but their active personality is sometimes an indicator of the extra effort you'd have to put into training them. They're loyal, incredibly intelligent, and hardworking when it comes down to it (but it wouldn't be wrong to say that they're pretty easy-going).

2. The Goldendoodle Dog

If there's one dog that absolutely loves its owner, it's a Goldendoodle. This breed is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle, allowing them to combine the loving temperament of the former with low-shed traits of the latter to make an ideal family pet. They're friendly, given that they've been trained to act reasonably around strange faces, of course. These pups stay pumped with energy through the years and can easily be trained because they're very intelligent and pick up cues merely via observation.

3. The English Cream Golden Retriever Dog

This breed is known to be the most loyal of them all; their obedient and attentive nature makes them easy to train. They're smart, making it easier for you to train them for new tricks every day. The English cream golden retriever is the lightest of them all, whereas the golden retriever is known for the richness of its coat. These dogs tend to need more space, too, in order to burn their energy by playing, running, or swimming, rather than engaging in destructive behaviors.

Dogs are considered puppies for the first two years of age

Powder Mountain Puppies is owned by Utah-based dog lovers McCall and Michelle. We have established a puppy breeding facility in California for F1 mini Bernedoodles, mini Goldendoodles, and English Cream Golden Retrievers. We're known for breeding DNA-tested dogs only for all our doodle puppies for sale.

We breed hypoallergenic dogs that undergo extensive genetic health, color, and coat trait testing. Adopt F1b mini Bernedoodle puppies, Goldendoodle puppies, or golden retrievers in CA today. Each of our puppies comes with a one-year genetic health guarantee, vet check, up-to-date vaccinations, and has been dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks.

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