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The Ultimate Battle: To Adopt a Cat or a Dog?


When it comes to pets, people often get conflicted about choosing between cats and dogs. For many people, dogs are better than cats as they‘re easy to train, go potty outside, protect them, and encourage a healthier lifestyle. Dogs have quite a few benefits that make them better pets than cats. While it’s possible to think one is better than the other, both animals are pure love, with cats being excellent companions as well. However, let’s explore some reasons as to why dogs are better pets than cats.

Easy to Train

Litter of English Cream Golden Retrievers

Dogs are easier to train than cats. Not only this, but a pet owner can teach them new tricks, manners, and commands to follow. Dogs like being trained as that gives them something to do.

No Litter Boxes

We’re pretty sure that even cat lovers don’t love those litter boxes. The litter keeps piling up no matter how hard you try to try to keep it clean. Cleaning the litter box is a messy and dirty affair. Then there’s this constant smell, and well when the cat goes potty, they tend to leave litter tracks around the house.

On the other hand, dogs don’t need litter boxes, can be potty trained, and usually go potty around a schedule. Dogs mostly do their business outside, in the yard, or when out for a walk. Yes, you still have to pick up their poop; however, you don’t have to take care of their urine like the cats and litter boxes. Now add a poop bag or poop scooper to the mix, and there’s one less problem to deal with.

Dogs are Smart & Intelligent Souls

In general, dogs are pretty smart and intelligent and perform various duties and services for human beings, such as;

  • Act as protective guardians against immediate threats to their family,

  • Work as service dogs such as help the blind as their guide dog,

  • Get help & alert others when someone or a close family member is in danger,

  • Help the military & the police sniff out drugs, bombs, missing people, and criminals on the move.

Dogs are More Interactive

While cats love their strings and furry balls, they prefer playing alone, and they don’t need us humans to entertain them. However, unlike cats, dogs prefer and crave attention, especially with their owners and family members. It’s pretty uplifting to see your dog get excited over tug-of-war, fetch, or even while chasing butterflies in the yard.

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