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Veterinarian Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Goldendoodle

Have you recently gotten a Goldendoodle puppy? With the adoption of a dog comes a lot of responsibility and upkeep to ensure your furry friend is in good health.

This blog will guide you on the many things that you must do to ensure your puppy's health and happiness.

Visit a Vet Regularly

A vet checking a dog

You should make an appointment for your Goldendoodle with your veterinarian as soon as you get them. Your veterinarian will thoroughly examine your puppy to ensure that they are healthy.

They will also test them for any vaccines they may have gotten before and start them on a vaccination plan for the missed ones. 

A visit to the vet will not only help you identify the immunizations your Goldendoodle has been given but also ensure tick, flea, and heartworm protection. All of these parasites can harm your Goldendoodle's health, with some of them can be fatal.

Looks For Worms in Your Goldendoodle’s Feces

Keep an eye out for worms in your Goldendoodle's feces regularly. Although most of these worms are microscopic, some can be seen with the naked eye in their feces.

If you notice worms, contact your veterinarian right away. Your veterinarian can prescribe medication to help your Goldendoodle get rid of these pesky worms.

Get Your Goldendoodle Neutered and Spayed

A puppy wearing a red collar

Most veterinarians recommend neutering or spaying your Goldendoodle around the age of six months.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), you should get your Goldendoodles neutered and spayed before their first heat cycle. This eliminates the possibility of testicular cancer in males and minimizes the chances of mammary tumors in female Goldendoodles.

You run the chance of your dog having pyometra if you don't spay them. A pyometra is a uterine infection that can be lethal if not treated promptly.

It is better to get your Goldendoodles spayed when they’re young as they can recover quickly as compared to adult dogs, who might take a few days to recover from neutering.

Provide Healthy Dog Food

For your Goldendoodle, you'll need to purchase high-quality dog food in sufficient amounts.

The most common recommendation is to follow the feeding directions on the bag, but a decent rule of thumb is 1 cup per 15 pounds per day. So now you need to divide this cup into multiple feeds for the day.

Some people even prefer a mix of dry and wet food when their Goldendoodles are teething. But once the teeth are fully grown, you should switch to dry food only.

Train Them

You'll need to train them on how to mingle with other animals and people and behave with them. You'll have to teach them to be well-behaved.

You'll have to teach them how to walk on a leash, make them familiar with sit and stay commands, not chewing, not digging, and also potty train them.

A dog being trained

Goldendoodles are generally very friendly and social animals. If you're searching for an English Goldendoodle breeder in CA or interested in learning more about this adorable breed, check out Powder Mountain Puppies.

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