What to Expect When You’re Expecting Your First Pup


Are you an experienced ‘pawrent’ who already has four-legged buddies in the house, or is this your first time adopting a new pup?


For the people who already have pups and dogs, the new addition might have a different personality and will come with its challenges. You might have thought you had it all figured out, and then this little fellow comes along and decides to teach you a few more lessons in pup raising. 


In that case, a new pup in the house will be full of surprises for you! Let us tell you what to expect with your first pup. 


Your First Pups Breed Matters

Did you know that Labradors are still the number one dog breed in the US? They’re friendly and make the perfect first pups. Did you also know that there are 197 recognized breeds, which means different personalities?

Breeds matter, so choose the right breed that you like or think will make the perfect furry friend.

Expect To Share A Lot Of Space

If you live in a small one-room apartment, go for a smaller breed who will not find being cooped inside a room with hardly any space to move difficult. A bigger breed of dog might not only be irritated, but it will also annoy you when it accidentally knocks over vases or bottles due to movement.


Also, focus on how active you are, how much time you can spend with your first pup and how easy they are to train.


Expect A Lot Of Accidents And Training

A dog that is friendly and easier to train will make the next few years easy for you. Just think of it this way, after a couple of accidents, your pup will learn the right place to relieve itself is outside.


A breed that is difficult to train will take longer to learn tricks and even simple commands. That means you will get frustrated quickly. However, it’s important to stay calm and patient while training your little friend. 


Lots Of Time, Space, And Money!

And we mean lots. From emergency visits to the vet to dog walks every morning, your pup will require your attention, and you will have to take out some time from your schedule for your little fella. You will have to train your dog so keep money aside for training courses too. The bills from the vet, vaccines, neutering and quality dog food also pile up, so make sure you have some room in your budget for that. 

 pups in party hats


Expect Things To Get Loud And Mess

Expect some messy spills, lots of fur, and a few complaints from the neighbors. New pups will make a mess, and they will have accidents. There might also be some sleepless nights where they will refuse to stop barking. 


Again, that’s all part of the package, so be ready for some tough nights. Although the warm hugs and licks will make up for it – repaid in full with love! 


Find The Right Pup At Powder Mountain Puppies

To avoid extra trips to the vet, always adopt a pup from an upcoming litter. At Powder Mountain Puppies, we ensure your pup doesn’t have any genetic diseases and have it looked at by a vet before sending it home with you. Contact Powder Mountain Puppies to bring home your first Bernedoodle or Golden Retriever puppy. 

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