English Cream Goldendoodles


F1 Mini goldendoodles & F1B Mini goldendoodles

Mini F1 english cream Goldendoodles are a Mini poodle breed to an english cream golden retriever. The puppies will Likely be 25-35 pounds. They are a great companion for someone with mild allergies.

Mini F1b English goldendoodles are an F1 english goldendoodle bred back to a mini poodle. They will Likely be 25-35 pounds. They are a great companion for someone with severe allergies.

English cream goldendoodles are a healthier breed than a typical  goldendoodle. English cream retrievers are proven to have better genetics, life span, and overall health than that of a typical golden retriever. Goldendoodles are friendly companions that get along with everyone. They are great with children and other family pets due to their gentle, loving, and incredible personality. They are bred with two of the smartest dogs in the world, which makes them highly intelligent and obedient dogs. They are an ideal candidate for service and therapy dog training.To see current and past litters see our instagram 

Coloring: Our puppies will range in color of English cream, apricot, and red.


Our F1 Mini Goldendoodles are  $3300.

Our F1B Mini goldendoodles are $3800

We accept a non refundable deposit of $500 that goes toward the total price of your puppy. To get on our waitlist you can call, text, or email. We like to know a little about you as well before you send in your deposit. To see what your puppy will come with click here


For families out of state we can FaceTime or Skype when picking out your puppy. We do a one time delivery to Nevada and California when our puppies are 8 weeks old for $200. Shipping is available to other states, typically around $350-$750

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