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Our puppies come from DNA tested parents. Our parent dogs receive genetic health testing, coat trait testing, color testing to help ensure the health of our puppies. Puppies will be examined by our vet prior to going home.  Puppies will be up to date on vaccinations and treatment for internal parasites and they come with a written One year health guarantee. All dogs are different, not just in appearance but in personality, part of their personality comes from the way they are raised and trained and part from genetics. Our parent dogs have friendly, confident, playful and mellow personalities. They are perfect family companions, these traits are passed on to their puppies.  We work on training our puppies while have them to lay the foundation for a smart, friendly, well socialized companions.

For families out of state we can FaceTime or Skype when picking out your puppy. We do a one time delivery to Nevada and California when our puppies are 8 weeks old for $200. Shipping is available to other states, typically around $350-$750

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